for the love…

Since childhood, the magic of words strung together with skill and grace has captivated me. As a professional, I find myself drawn to projects that require the use of language to communicate, whether through humor, information or drawing upon the emotions that make us human.

As an undergraduate at Willamette University, I was able to delve into my love of literature and the written word. I majored in English, predictably. I explored other options, but none felt as “right” as English, and the professors and learning environment nurtured my curiosity and creativity in ways that have gifted my life to this day.

But English was not my only love; I was also a greedy consumer of movies. I loved all things film and envisioned a career as a screenwriter. Under the tutelage of Professor Ken Nolley, I developed and had approved the Film Theory and History degree at the College of Liberal Arts. I was the first person to graduate from Willamette University with this degree, which is now one of the top majors at the College of Liberal Arts.

My next step was to move to LA. The land of opportunity! I quickly landed a job, then a better job, then an even better job. I was meeting the right people and working my way up the ladder, but honestly? I hated it. Movies, I loved. The industry, I didn’t. It was a realization that changed my career path, and one for which I’m extremely grateful.

What followed were jobs with wonderful mentors, opportunities and gratification beyond measure.

What started with a simple love of words has evolved into a rewarding career with many accomplishments.

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