Zot, zot, zot!

Senior Joyce Nguy exudes enthusiasm for her soon-to-be alma mater. In her time on campus, she has served as a Campus Representative, student blogger, Residential Adviser, Global Connect student leader and self-proclaimed zot zealot, to name a few. And there’s also that Fulbright she won to teach English in Taiwan. Majoring in political science and education sciences, Nguy is a persistent and tenacious explorer of opportunities, and it has paid off in spades.

From Atwater to All'estero 

Perspective is sometimes found close to home; other times it’s developed when one travels far away. For Elianet Romero, it has been a little bit of both. From a childhood in one of Los Angeles’ most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, to a college student on exchange in Italy, Romero continues to demonstrate that her desire for an understanding of cultural paradigms knows no borders.


Lauds & Laurels, Risk & Reward

Shannon Eusey doesn't do anything halfway. Unless you count half marathons, in which case yes, she’s done a few. But that was before she decided to move on to the full 26.2, of which she’s now completed eight, (six being world marathon majors). And she’s just getting started.


Passion, Purpose and Coffee

Germain Louie may be the only former Starbucks barista whose choice of drink is pure black coffee. Though the chain is known for its fancy and sometimes complicated coffee-based drinks, Louie became an advocate of drinking coffee black in his time working as a barista while completing his degree at UC Irvine. He enjoyed educating fellow employees as well as customers on the various flavor notes that can be experienced with different varietals, unencumbered by add-ins.

Germain Louie04.jpg